Summery of Class -6 Science


On extremely heavy demand, Science and Technology (SnT) series continues. This tutorial deals with first 8 chapters of class 6 Science NCERT. Absolute and complete coverage of all the relevant facts, literally. Nothing of importance is left out. While reading it earlier, would take days, now you can finish it in a matter of minutes! These are the list of 16 chapters in class 6 Science NCERT, first 8 are covered. Biology: Food- Where does it come from; Components of food; Getting to know plants; The living organism and their surrounding; Body movements. Physics: Motion and Measurement of Distances; Light, Shadows and Reflections; Electricity and Circuits; Fun with Magnets. Chemistry: Fibre to Fabric; Water; Air around us; Garbage in, garbage out; Sorting materials into group; Separation of substances; Changes around us. 





Class 6 Science NCERT Chapter 9 Part 2 for UPSC Science and Technology: In this lesson, Roman covers Class 6 Science for the UPSC 2018 aspirants. SnT series continues and it deals with Living organisms and their surrounding, definitions and specific features of deserts, camels, cactus, oceans, dolphins and whales, lakes, totally submerged plants, frogs, germination, habitat, high mountains, grasslands, Criteria of being alive (Summary: Living beings need food, respire, respond to stimuli, reproduce, show movement, grow and die), Exceptions with no clear classification (Virus, Euglena, Archaea, Sulfur bacteria). 




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